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Connecting the Gaps in Behavioral Health Care

Do you wonder “What does PMHNP stand for?

Here at The Center of Collaborative Counseling and Psychiatry, our clinical team
includes three PMHNPs, which stands for Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse
As many people seek out psychiatric care, PMHNPs are also available to discuss
diagnosis and the role of medication. Our training includes both a bachelor’s and
master’s degree in nursing. We have gone through rotational training but have had
an allotted amount of clinical hours specific to mental health. 
While each state has different requirements and regulations, in Illinois, PMHNPs
are able to observe, help tease out diagnoses and provide insight into therapy and
medications that may help minimize mental health symptoms.


We can prescribe medications and continue to follow up on your medication regimen. Due to our
nursing background, PMHNPs are often holistic, and wellness based, trying to see
the bigger picture with potential stressors and solutions in addition to medication

Working together

We work collaboratively with therapists, primary care providers and
other specialists to best understand our client’s need. In Illinois, PMHNPs are
initially required to work with a collaborative physician, but we are able to
independently practice and have our own clientele. If you are seeking out
medication management services, meet with one of our PMHNPs in either the St.
Charles or Algonquin offices at 847-440-2281.

What does PMHNP stand for?
Chandni Parikh, PMHNP, CPNP
The Center for Collaborative Counseling and Psychiatry