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Feeling Re-Entry struggles with Anxiety Post- COVID 19? 

Re entering the World after Covid 19 times

The past two years have been chaotic, anxiety-provoking, and scary. As a society we were faced with adapting to the unknown. The unknown in which anxiety clings; that initiates the rabbit-hole of worry and concern.

The World Health Organization stated that within the first year of Covid-19, “global prevalence of anxiety and depression increased by a massive 25%”. Living with the stressors plus the potential for loss had a major impact on our society’s mental health crisis. As the world tried adapting, the counselors tried to make counseling as accessible as possible. Telehealth attempted to meet the masses where they were and address these concerns.

Flash forward to present day 2022, the restrictions have begun to lift. Our society that was trying to come to terms of our “new normal” has welcomed a new stressor. How do we reintegrate back into society after isolation? This transition has not eliminated these previously felt emotions and feelings but have added on another layer of, “How do I deal with these feelings I already have plus deal with going back into the world?” We are faced with another moment of adaptation to the unknown. 

Steps for a Better Mental Health

Be aware. Be aware of your thoughts, emotions, feelings, and bodily sensations when you are out of the house. Think to yourself, “what triggered this feeling?” After, identify where this sensation is coming from within the body. The goal is to become present and aware of the cues the body is sending. 

Ground yourself. If the thoughts, emotions, and feelings are too overwhelming in the moment, grounding your mind and body will bring you to the present. Deep breathing will assist on slowing down your breathing. Body scans can be used to practice awareness of the body. Listening to five things around you will also help bring you to the present moment. These exercises can be used even before leaving the house but, can be used at any moment while out of the house. 

Talk to someone. Seek out friends or counseling to help assist you through this tough transitional time. Going to counseling, you will learn what you need, how to process these feelings, and how to deal with them head-on. Our responsibilities don’t stop because the world is changing around us. We can adapt and overcome by taking initiative to help our mental health. 

We are here to help you:

If you or any one in your family is experiencing a challenging time with this transition, please know call The Center for Collaborative Counseling and Psychiatry at 847-440-2281.  


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Re-entering the World: Post- Covid

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